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Louis Armstrong (formerly Millikan) Math Academy is a highly respected program within the greater Armstrong community. Math Academy is a full 3-year honors program, in all core subjects with a focus on Math. While our program is designed for students who excel in mathematics and wish to advance their content understanding, students are also encouraged to use their critical thinking and enrich their cognitive, and verbal skills. The Math Academy teachers work and plan collaboratively to provide an experience for students that is truly special. 



6th Grade – Pre-Algebra or Algebra Placement

  • Pre Algebra/Algebra Placement Exam

  • Scores of mostly 3s and 4s on the current report card

7th Grade – Algebra

  • Algebra Readiness Exam

  • Recommendation from 6th-grade teacher

  • No D’s, F’s, U’s in all courses

  • Positive Role Model


8th Grade – GEOMETRY

  • Success in Algebra of A or B

  • No D’s, F’s, or U’s in all courses

  • Positive Role model

Out of the Classroom Learning Opportunities for Math Academy Students in the Past Have Included:


  • Overnight Fall Field Trip to Pali Camp, AstroCamp or CIMI

  • NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

  • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

  • Ronald Reagan Library Immersive Field Trip

  • Medieval Times

  • Pi Day

  • Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

  • CA Science Center

  • Walking Tour of Downtown LA

  • Glendale Community College Planetarium

  • Extraordinary Opportunity for 8th Grade Students to go on a teacher led (through EF Educational Tours) historical East Coast tour to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Salem, New York and Boston

Math Academy Brochure

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