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Armstrong Pi Day 2024


The premiere event of the year for the Math Academy!

Pi Day takes place on March 14th (3.14) each year at Louis Armstrong Middle School in Sherman Oaks, CA. This event is put on by the Math Academy for the entire student body and faculty. The whole school enjoys Pizza and Pie at lunch, a Pie Eating Contest and other Pi-related activities!

Our annual Pi Recitation Contest is open to all students and the winners of the CASH PRIZES are announced at the event! Recitation takes place the two weeks leading up to the event. A study sheet with the digits of pi for memorization practice is available below.

Parent Volunteers Needed

Pi Day is a large event and takes many hands to put it on. We need all Math Academy parents to volunteer for a shift at the event to make it a success! Sign up for your time slot today!

Ticket Sales

Tickets are $1 each and can be purchased in advance during lunch or after school on the front lawn. We highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance because the lunch hour goes fast and having tickets in hand allows students to immediately purchase pizza and participate in activities.

  • Pizza = 2 tickets

  • Pie = 2 tickets

  • Water = 1 ticket

  • Pie Walk = 2 tickets

Pi Recitation Contest

Each year, the winner of Armstrong's Pi Recitation Contest gets logged in the official World Pi Ranking List. See more info about past winners below! This study sheet includes where and when students can recite this year.

Let's Eat Pie

The Pie Eating Contest is open to a limited number of students who sign up in advance. Check for the QR code on posters around school to sign up.

This year, we'll also be hosting a Pie Walk during the event. Students can enter to win full size pies, cakes and other treats! If you're a baker or have connections to a bakery that may be able to donate cakes, cupcakes or pies for the Pie Walk, please email

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Pi Recitation Contest Winners

The highest digits of Pi ever memorized and recited at Armstrong (Millikan) was in 2016 when Nolan Lautrette recited 1800 digits in 21 minutes! All winners are recorded in the official Pi World Ranking List. The first place winner each year receives $314.15. Memorize the digits of Pi


1 - Evelyn A. - 463 digits
2 - Ayush B. - 210 digits

3 - Emma H. - 106 digits


1 - Cayla M. - 405 digits

2 - Beckett P. - 81 digits

3 - Chaison B. - 61 digits


1 - Michael K. - 421 digits

2 - Amir A. - 246 digits

3 - Pablo S. - 198 digits


1 - Michael K. - 350 digits

2 - Cayla M. - 331 digits

3 - Michael B. - 318 digits

Cayla M - Pi Recitation Winner 2022.png

Pi Day Memories

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