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Our Admissions

Sorry, the Math Acadamy is currently not accepting applications.
Please check back in January 2020. 


Starting in the winter quarter, the Math Academy will open up the application process. Once that happens, you can proceed with the following steps. 


When the application is made available, you will download, complete and submit the application along with uploading 4th & 5th-grade report cards


Make sure email is legible on the online application.  You will be notified by email about your ACCEPTANCE approximately in March.


Prepare for the MATH ACADEMY TEST


Topics to be covered:

  • Place Value

  • Compare fractions and decimals

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers, decimals

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers

  • Least common multiple & greatest common factor

  • Convert percent to fraction and fraction to percent

  • Convert percent to decimal and decimal to fraction

  • Find a percent of a number

  • Discount

  • Order of operation

  • Write and evaluate expressions

  • Solve proportions

  • perimeter, area, and volume

  • Scale drawings

  • Prime Factorization

  • Divisibility rules


Take the Math Academy Exam (date and time TBD)

Your application is your registration for the test.

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